This is the support site for OverDrive users. If you need help with our other products, click HERE instead.
This software is NOT intented to run on the Apple®Mac operating system.
Your system must be Microsoft® Windows® compatible, running .NET software.
We recommend at least 2 GB of RAM and a screen resolution of 1366 x 768.
All audio PCM wave files must be 8 / 16 / 24 or 32 bit,
sampled between 11,025 to 192,000 Hz per channel,
either in mono (single channel) or stereo (dual channel).
          MP3 / WMA won't work!

Our OverDrive software is hosted on the massively popular CNET download servers, ensuring great reliability, speed and above all, virus safety. All files hosted on CNET are scanned for viruses and malware before they're available to the public. This means you get the cleanest downloads from a trustworthy source. You can of course scan OverDrive in your own software to double-check for viruses. Click HERE to download OverDrive and try it.

It's easy to install OverDrive because it's packaged in a ZIP format file. All you have to do is click on the SETUP file. From there, it takes care of itself. You might be asked about trusting the source when you install OverDrive which is completely normal. The warning is there to make you aware of maliscious software. If the file came from one of our download partners, such as CNET or their partner sites, the file should be clean and originally from us. Feel free to scan the software in your own virus program for peace of mind. If you trust the source you can accept the trust warning and continue with installation. You'll notice OverDrive also installs a support link which connects you to this site. Once OverDrive is installed you're good to try it.

If you experience any difficulty using OverDrive check through this list:

  • Is your source material a non-standard PCM wave file type?
  • Does the audio file NOT conform to 8, 16, 24 or 32 bits?
  • Was the sound sampled outside 11,025 to 192,000 Hz?
  • Have you experienced problems with the file in other software?
  • Is any of your hardware disconnected or not working?
  • Are your OPEN and SAVE-AS file names conflicting?
  • Are your SOURCE and DESTINATION folders conflicting?
  • Are there any fake PCM files causing batch-mode to hang?
  • Have you experienced problems with any of our other products?
  • Is your most recent .NET framework version less than 3.5?

If you've answered NO to all of the above questions, the technical fault most likely rests with OverDrive and you should tell us about the problem. You may have potentially uncovered a bug which we need to resolve before the next OverDrive public release.

You can save PCM wave files in OverDrive without all those annoying beeps found in some of our other audio products. It's unlocked from the moment it's installed on your computer. That's because OverDrive is a freeware product. Freeware means you are allowed to use the software on your computer without paying the person or company who built the product. You will never be asked to register, unlock or pay for using this freeware OverDrive product on your computer.
Certain restrictions apply to OverDrive. You do NOT have any rights to sell copies of OverDrive or to provide OverDrive to others for the purpose of generating profit. This means for example you should refrain from providing OverDrive to people on media which is in some way connected to making money for your benefit or for the benefit of others with regard to financial gain. Basically, you only have the right to use OverDrive on your computer for the purpose of processing audio files. You may sell your audio files and you don't need to acknowledge any use of OverDrive in your audio work. Using OverDrive to make your audio better is fine, in fact it's actually encouraged. Distributing copies of OverDrive so you can make a nice living is not allowed. Please respect these simple rules.
Our OverDrive software is good to use on most Microsoft® Windows®XP, Windows®Vista, Windows®7 and Windows®8PCs. However, sometimes there might be a situation where you just want to get rid of it. Removing OverDrive is easy to do. Just go into the Add/Remove Programs panel of Windows® and choose Remove from the options. This will uninstall OverDrive from your machine in a safe and reliable way.

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